A few words about us

We are always passionate and dedicated to each individual project we are working on, creating unique and highly detailed images with great depth, atmosphere, and realism using specialised lighting techniques and multi level advanced post processing.

Exterior and Interior Property Photography is one of our signature services and we are proud to serve the highest quality every time. We will provide your business with affordable, high-end photography and video at competitive prices with a strong focus on high quality results. The end products are delivered within 24-72 hours.
Our passion for exceptional and unique Exterior and Interior Property Photography, combination of technical knowledge, and understanding of the industry has meant that we have established ourselves as one of the market’s leading Property Photography and Video companies on the property scene in Ireland.
If you are interested in working with us, we specialise in the following areas:

  • Real estate, Interior and exterior property photography
  • Twilight photography
  • House portraits – fine-art photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Drone photography and video
  • Post production photography and video services

We are open to specific client requests, just contact us by email for more information.

Our philosophy

Providing affordable, high-end photography at competitive prices with a focus on quality is the foundation of abdone.com.

Unique Imagery of Real estate, Location, Exterior and Interior Property Photography – We can help you promote your properties by creating stunning, magazine-quality images that make your listings stand out!

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